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Today is the official release of Boukou Groove’s “Groovin”

Posted from Juicy Records - Jort Koopman in Den Helder, Netherlands (Translated)

Today is the official release of Boukou Groove’s “Groovin” 10-6-23 - Derwin Perkins Donnie Sundal

Wow! A dream come true.

Our first release - as a record label - is from today in every record store in the Netherlands and is also sold in New Orleans and Florida.

"This completes the circle! From handing out self-composed CDs with the 'latest gems' you must have heard under the name 'Juicy Records Volume I - IV' in my youth, to setting up a music blog of the same name in 2009, to starting a physical record store with my father in 2019 and now our first release on vinyl! Is it love for waste paper? Sure! However, does it make us happy and are we super proud? All the more so! Because how cool is it that my three daughters can look far into the future for that one record of grandpa and dad where they themselves are also named on the inside cover. Those two 'Merchants' weren't that crazy! This while they cannot read a note and cannot play an instrument. So how can you release a record? Well beware!

A few years ago, based on my listening habits, I received a recommendation from a funky band from New Orleans: Boukou Groove. Not only did the name sound 'groovy', but the music immediately grabbed me. Why not let the band know that you think it sounds great? They probably never respond anyway.. So what are you watching? A message back after less than half an hour. It's great to hear that music from New Orleans also knows how to find someone from the Netherlands. From there always kept in touch. When the idea arose that my father and I didn't just want to leave pictures and memories of the time we had a record store, but really wanted to create something physical, we could only think of one band. The band of Donnie Sundal and Derwin "Big D" Perkins: Boukou Groove. Because you not only want to hear that music on record, but also fits one on one at the event where we really like to come: North Sea Jazz! At least we think. Perhaps not directly in the main hall like the 'Nile' and the 'Maas', but Boukou Groove will certainly not look out of place in the line-up. Check out the song: 'Walkin Talkin'!

Deal? Part of the produced and pressed records goes to New Orleans and Florida and the other part remains in the Netherlands. Boukou Groove 'owned' the music. Juicy Records makes the 'song selection' and chooses the name of the album, is responsible for the production and mastering, designs the covers and distributes it in Europe. That's it!

In short, a great project that tastes like more. Next? Boukou Groove is a real live band that surprises every time. After packing venues in Japan “Peter Barakans Live Magic”, a European tour in 2024 is therefore a logical next step. So do you know someone who organizes a great event or can do something to bring this Soul-Funk band to the Netherlands. Then be sure to tag him or her! "

Curious how they sound live? Check this out:

Booking Contact : Emily VanderWiel

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